MoMoWo international photography competition

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Progetto finalista al concorso fotografico promosso da MoMoWo sulle architette e le loro case. Isabella Borrelli, fantastica fotografa e persona immensa, ha immortalato me e la mia casa in fieri.

“Her hands are fascinating. She moves them as if they were made of velvet, but when she touches mine lightly, I can feel they are not as soft as I thought. Roberta gesticulates while she is talking about something that she loves: her hands are the secret language of her mind. So when she tells me about her father, her hands interweave themselves and rest in a sort of closed hug. Her father has passed away. Roberta is still a young architect but she has already worked with some of the most important Italian architects, like Renzo Piano and Mario Cucinella. That’s why I find it strange that she hasn’t her own home yet. Something has changed since her father’s death and she broke up with her fiancé. Her home is now made of red bricks only, in a building complex created by her. Roberta is literally creating a new area in Salerno based on the values of sustainability and shared places. In its core, there’s her home. It’s a cloudy day when she brings me to the construction site. I expected her home to be in a large building set apart. I’m surprised when Roberta leads me to an apartment, a tiny one. She sits down and smiles: “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Her hands start to draw imaginary lines in the air: the kitchen, a big window, the design shower. Her home is just made of bricks but tells a lot about Roberta. The naivety of the wall’s line, the choice to live in a complex created by her and, moreover, to occupy a tiny apartment from where you can see the theatre. It’s like her favourite toy, a wooden house, which hosts her beloved treasures.” (instagram: isabella_borrelli)