Scuola Changshan

Lavori / Proposta progettuale

Among the main values of Cittaslow is that linked to education. We must aim to spread the slow culture among all the citizens mainly among the youngest through the systematic introduction of education to the culture of sustainability and taste. The school therefore becomes, for this purpose, the main element on which bet. The idea of a Cittaslow School aims to give a “roof” to everything. We are not just talking about a cultural training center for students but also a place of aggregation, of confrontation for all citizens; an open school capable of becoming the pulsating heart of the entire community; the school experienced by all citizens will thus be able to guarantee an intergenerational and intercultural encounter. Open the school to the city, make all the internal collective spaces live, rethink the roofs by creating garden roofs that guarantee an improvement in internal comfort, a increased open space to enjoy and make buildings more pleasant. A school without barriers and accessible, where to study, experiment, cultivate art and the vegetable garden, meet the knowledge of the elderly and the innovative ideas of the youngest.